Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mostly Metal Challenge!

Ah, it was such a GOOD idea.  Michelle Mach, former editor of Beading Daily, was having a challenge.  Kits were mailed out for a small price and I could test the waters, dip my toes so to speak, in the world that I see in the beading magazines:  Designer Challenge.  Yes, no credentials required although I notice we have some pretty impressive names participating in the challenge.  It did seem like a good idea at the time and I had a brilliant idea for my piece.  In fact, it was INSPIRED!  I couldn't wait to get started and I found just the right Stuff in the Romance Kit as well as my stash recently received from B'Sue Boutiques. Thank you so much Michelle.

I should have known it was just too easy.....

2 weeks ago, my beloved aunt and constant terror of the Forest Hills Nursing Home, 94 year old sharp-tongued, endless bundle of energy Aunt Irene, became extremely ill with an infected kidney.  My cousin and I are her guardians.  She was not expected to recover.  After all, she is 94 years old and her kidney was so swollen and infected that it blocked her colon and extended her abdomen.  My cousin and I spent hours in the hospital the first and second week and she fooled the doctors and survived. However, the prognosis isn't good long-term and  the illness has taken a toll on her.  I've not had time to do much of anything besides attend her in the hospital.  (And Read.  There is a point of light in every dark cloud! )  We hope to move her to a lovely hospice facility in our area soon.

So, I spent today throwing together my project.  It isn't what I initially imagined but I feel good that I got anything done.  My initial idea was to cover the background painting with seed beads...a nod to the Pointillist artist, George Serault: Beads of light and color instead of brush strokes of light and color.  No time for that, so I leave it to you to use your imagination and think...what if she had the time?

There's a nod to Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine in there somewhere.  I hummed the song "Sunday" the entire time I worked on the project. Love that song.  It is inspiring.  You can take a look at the kits we had to choose from here:

Please visit the other blogs participating in Michelle's great challenge.  They are spectacular.

Antique Brass Romantic

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Gunmetal Love
Thanks to B'Sue Boutiques where I find so many of the different elements for my work  In this piece the brass scalloped blank backing, the monkey,and the lovely paper flower as well as the elements in the Romantic Kit are from her online shop.  http://www.bsueboutiques.com/  I bought the painter's palette from her too on her Etsy shop BSue1441. 

And thanks as always to the members of the Oklahoma Bead Society for their constant encouragement.

Thanks again Michelle Mach for allowing me the privilege of participation!
Happy Hopping!