Sunday, January 27, 2013

This was my piece for the Oklahoma Bead Society bead challenge last year.  Outside the realm of my usual seed bead romps, it combines wire wrapping and semi precious stones with metal embossing and patination.  I love wearing it.  It won the Intermediate division in the contest.  I titled it "In the Forest of my Childhood Imagination".  I've forever loved the deep green of forests and in my childhood often imagined that fairies, like the ones in the necklace, lived within.  Must be the influence of my Irish-Scottish blood on my father's side. 

It has been a long time since I've been on this blog.  A Big Change has happened in my Life.  Another 13 chapters of my life are over and I'm beginning Chapter 59 on another path.  Who knows where this one leads? For the first time, I have no responsibilities other than myself--No caretaking or parenting to take up my time.  Also, for the first time I have no parachute or someone to send out the troops if I get into trouble.  I know that I must look for the joy of life, practice forgiveness and develop a new responsibility for myself.  Sounds serious.  Now, back to beading!