Monday, March 7, 2011

OBS Beadathon: Eleven hours of fun.

Wonder of wonders, I "almost" made it through the entire first OBS Beadathon.  I planned on staying 4 or 5 hours at the most and ended up being enticed for 11 hours by Mazzio's Supreme Pizza and the incredible productivity of a great workspace and congenial co-workers.  I finished 3 projects which is unheard of productivity for me.  The best part is I really like all of my projects. 

I have very little experience with stringing projects so I decided to concentrate on stringing for the day.  Lots of experienced stringers around to give a little help! Barbara Bellatti helped inspire me with my first project of the day, a simple stone necklace.  She volunteered a few bronzite pebbles from her stash that really made the project come together.  Love the earrings too which I put together from various beads in my stash and a couple of round green stones from our venue, A Memory to Scrap, in Broken Arrow.

I strung a second string of simple black and clear glass beads which although attractive may need to be restrung with bigger spacers so they lay correctly flat across my neck.  I have worn this strand to work and I like it too.  Very light and comfortable.

And lastly, about 10:00 p.m.,  I strung this metallic necklace. Jan Rogers was keeping me awake by talking to me and of course, there was Shane's dancing.   I read somewhere that "metallics are having their moment" and I have to agree.  I see metals everywhere on everyone!  Of course, for me it isn't jewelry without earrings.

Thanks for viewing friends!  Thanks OBS members for helping me ! 

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ttownbarb said...

Pam, you are such a sweet person, thank you for the kind mention of my 'contribution' to your necklace. I have always loved to share with my friends, and just look what you made with my beads. I have so many beads, I will never be able to use them all, so I share and swap with my beading friends. And I have made some of my favorite pieces with someone else's beads.
You are such a creative spirit. Keep it up.