Monday, November 7, 2011


Oh yes, Halloween is over, stores are displaying numerous Christmas trees and I've given Kyle and Caitlyn their marching orders for their annual Christmas List.  Last year, Kyle's list came in 2 days before Christmas and I had to tell him: Too Late. Christmas shopping was over.  His gifts were wrapped and waiting for a ride to his tree. 

Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?

I don't even put up a tree any more.  My sole concession to Christmas is setting out the ceramic Mr. and Mrs. Claus my Mom made years ago.  I don't hear sleigh bells and while I may catch myself humming a Christmas Carol or two, I certainly don't play Christmas music.  Oh, Bah Humbug.

There are, however, gifts to be given and budgets to be made and Christmas treats to be pondered.  We could all use a little help in the budget area.  I plan to try to win as many of my Christmas gifts as possible.  A good start might be Lori Anderson's nice little book giveaway.  I know some of my crafty friends might enjoy one of these books.  Why don't you enter too?

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